The Penarth Pathway


The Penarth pathway supports young people to succeed, to identify their natural gift and fulfil their full potential while empowering them to add positive values to our communities.

Our Mission is to transform the lives of children and young people who have suffered severe emotional and psychological difficulties, so that they can relate well to others, live independently, and enjoy a happy and healthy life.

Our Vision is to be able to provide all traumatised children and young people with a safe and happy environment, with a team around them that have the expertise to heal their minds and hearts, so that they can thrive and grow into adults capable of a fulfilled and valuable life.

Welcome to
Penarth Group

Penarth Group has been established since 1995, celebrating 28 years of positive outcomes for young people with challenging and complex needs. The group provides residential care and education across three sites in Cheshire. All our provisions are Ofsted registered.

We cater for young people aged from 7-17 of any sex, gender, sexual orientation, racial, cultural and religious backgrounds, all young people will go through a period of assessment and an individual needs led service will be devised. We offer placements ranging from emergency, short term assessments with rehabilitation back home, as well as medium to long term placements.

Our Values

Value 1

We’re passionate about all children having a safe and happy childhood and being given the opportunity to make positive memories.

Value 2

We’re ambitious for children and young people to be equipped with the skills, knowledge, talent, and resilience to manage challenges they are faced with

Value 3

We’re inclusive, and strive to ensure that all children are embraced equally and have a team around them to encourage their individuality

Our Residential Settings